Short Fiction

Margaret Oliphant wrote 79 short stories and novellas (or possibly more - she said once that "nobody knew all she wrote or where it had appeared"). Some of the novellas are as long as her shorter novels, but are categorized as Short Fiction because they were never printed alone as a novel. Four collections of Oliphant short fiction are listed below, followed by some Series and Themes which include short fiction. At bottom are listed four newly discovered stories and the remaining short fiction. Over half of Mrs Oliphant's works of short fiction have never been collected or reprinted.

All Scottish short fiction is included. To view Scottish fiction as a separate category see Tales of Scotland.

Katie Stewart and other tales (1892)2 stories  (and 1 novel)
The Ways of Life (1897)2 novellas
A Widow's Tale and other stories (1898)9 stories - incl. 3 John R stories also listed below
That Little Cutty and other stories (1898)3 stories
Stories of the Seen and Unseen14 spiritual and ghost stories  (and 5 novels)
Neighbours on the Green9 stories of Dinglefield Green  (and 1 novel)
The John R series4 stories
Two Highlands travel stories2 stories
The Janet Summerhayes series1 story  (and 1 novel)
Chronicles of Carlingford2 stories  (and 5 novels)
Newly discovered stories4 stories rediscovered in 2013 or later
Other short fiction31 stories and novellas

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