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1. How to contact the website

There is a Forum option above for general comments or questions. Quick notes can be left, whether or not you join the Forum. Also our email is at the bottom of each webpage. Questions, corrections, and feedback are all welcome!

If you would like to be notified when new subject matter is added to the site, please send us your name and email address, or check the Website Change Log.

2. Three user guides

For people new to downloading:  How to download and read Oliphant ebooks

For people shopping for a tablet:  Tips for buying a tablet for reading PDF ebooks

(Though note there is no need to buy anything to enjoy the Oliphant works on this site. They can just as easily be read on a desktop or laptop.)

For people with a tablet or a touch-enabled PC:  Tablet hand gestures  (written by Microsoft but applicable to most touch-enabled devices)

3. Link not working / Pages missing

Please contact us if a link is not working or is incorrect: either our website is in error, or a once-functioning link is no longer there. We will make the correction ASAP.

Also we have made an effort to link to works which have all their pages; and when that was not possible, to provide missing pages. If you discover a page missing, please contact us so we can make it available.

4. Quick way in Windows to zoom in and out on the page

     To zoom in hold Ctrl and press +
     To zoom out hold Ctrl and press -

5. Webpage display issues

If this site's pages look jumbled, or have other display issues:


Press F5 to refresh the page in your browser.


If still an issue, make sure you are using the latest version of your browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc). Older versions of these browsers do not work with newer websites. To upgrade to the latest version, google your browser name plus "how to upgrade".

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